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Ben Folds Five

Posted in Uncategorized by vinylrecordsunc on September 20, 2008

I know Kathleen was at the Ben Folds Five show last night with a pen and notepad, so I won’t bother going into detail about the show when I don’t doubt she’d do it much better than I. Instead, I want to talk about the circumstances surrounding the concert for me.

I didn’t feel crazy enough to camp out for tickets a couple weeks ago, and my attempts to buy some throug were unsuccessful. However, having been a music fanatic in town for long enough, I knew a secret: Memorial Hall always holds tickets to sell the afternoon of a show. So I got out of my History of Rock Music class (how fitting) yesterday and walked up to the ticket office on Cameron.

“Are there any seats open for tonight’s show?” I asked.
“Actually, there are.”
“Where are they located? Orchestra pit?” I was hoping for the best seat in the house.
“No, but we have some open on rows D, E, J, and K, all on the lower right side,” she answered.
“I’ll take two in row E.” I was in.

My seats were phenomenal, and I didn’t have to wait out all night on the brick again. God bless Ben Folds, Darren Jesse, and Robert Sledge for getting back together. God bless CUAB for bringing Ben Folds two years ago – I doubt he would have booked Memorial for the performance last night had he not already played there. I hope everyone enjoyed the concert as much as I did.

I hope everyone comes out to the upcoming Vinyl showcase – feel free to find me if you’re there and talk music.

– Matt


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