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Un peu nostalgique

Posted in Uncategorized by vinylrecordsunc on October 4, 2008

So I’m always on the lookout for old vinyl records, preferably used. I realize this makes me both pretentious and outdated but I can’t get over the warmth of that recording medium, the scritch-scratch of the needle first hitting the track, having the flip over for the b-side, not being able to shuffle an album that was put in such an order for a reason. Records have a surprisingly good sound quality, of course contingent on your particular record player, and the artwork is always a treat, as is their musty smell. I have been on an oldies tear lately and can’t get one record out of my head. Its a record I took from my Dad’s collection that I found in a dusty cabinet in our house about 3 years ago, really what a fairy tale. Its called The Sound of Bread and it is fantastic. Bread were big in the early 70’s and had some hits with tunes like Make it with you from their 1970 album On the Waters and Everything I Own from 1972’s Baby I’m-a want you. They were the first pop band signed by Elektra Records and brought a refreshing amount of diversity to the music scene with songs filled with accessible melodies and rhythms way ahead of their time. They are definitely worth checking out and in case you’re wondering, they were covered by one of my favorite bands, Cake, on 2004’s Pressure Chief off of Columbia Records with the song Guitar Man.

Have a listenand let me know what you think,

Cake “The Guitar Man”

be sure to check out the original too, its a winner


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