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Heads Up to Shakori Goers

Posted in Uncategorized by vinylrecordsunc on October 7, 2008

Hey! You! Listen to this!

It seems like everyone but me is going to Shakori Hills this weekend. From October 9th-12th, a bajillion bands are convening there for the Shakori Hills fest, and if you don’t have your ticket yet, there’s good news – you can go to and pick them up! And I have better news after you do that – a member of the Vinyl Records family is performing!

Liz Ross, one-third of Vinyl’s own Lafcadio, is involved with a band called Didgeridoo. Here’s what Ross says about the group:

“We are playing everything from Celtic sean-nos to blues and African chants. That is, we be world music.”

Five band members are expected for Didgeridoo at Shakori – Andrew Magill, Erika Littman, Austin McCall, Habib Yazdi, and the aforementioned Liz Ross. Between them, they’ll cover fiddle, banjo, guitar, singing saw, a plethora of drums of all shapes and sizes, and of course, didgeridoo.

So go check it out. Didgeridoo will be playing at Shakori’s Meadow stage at noon, Friday, October 10th.

– Matt


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