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Deerhoof – Offend Maggie

Posted in Uncategorized by vinylrecordsunc on October 9, 2008

Deerhoof – “Chandelier Searchlight”, off of 2008’s Offend Maggie, video directed by Clyde Petersen

Deerhoof’s tenth studio album, called Offend Maggie on Kill Rock Stars, will not shock any long time fans of the San Francisco group that have spawned everything from 7″ records to ballets. They even released one of their tracks from the nex album (“Fresh Born”) early as sheet music so people could create their own versions of it. Neat-o huh?

Although they haven’t broken new ground with this album, Satomi Matsuzaki’s vocals are as flitting and calm as ever and their shift from individual to compositional has never been more apparent. Deerhoof are a polished experimental group who understand that its not always necessary to reinvent yourself to remain pertinent in musical society. As Matsuzaki sings on the title track “one, two, three, four/I won’t become history”. I certainly hope not.

Want to ask them a question about their music, or anything else, just click here

Be sure to check them out on October 28th when they come through Cat’s Cradle, should be a fantastic show


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  1. John D Anderson said, on October 17, 2008 at 2:43 am

    I am captivated by the unique off-beat sound of this group – the dissonance, synchopation, sophisticated rhythms & unconventional music times, Matsuzaki’s unique singing style… wonderful!

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