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Posted in Uncategorized by vinylrecordsunc on October 11, 2008

It’s that time again. I’m watching Paula Deen on the teevee and getting pumped for the Notre Dame game this afternoon. Before that though, I’m going to hit you with 17 flavors of awesome.

Satanic Messiah

Durhamite and all-around great person John Darnielle is giving away a free EP right now, called Satanic Messiah EP. Don’t let the names confuse you – John Darnielle is the Mountain Goats, and this isn’t black metal or anything, though that would be cool. If you’re lucky, you can buy one of the 7-inches at a show – only 666 were made. Go HERE to download, and if you can, use the paypal link to drop Darnielle some dollars. He deserves them.
PAULA DEEN UPDATE: Paula just said, “There’s no such thing as too much cheese.” My mind agrees, my digestive track does not.

Reckoner Lockdown

Remember how Radiohead released the stems of their song “Reckoner” so people could remix it? Well, Kanye did the same for “Love Lockdown.” Some dude named DJ Earworm combined the two, and blammo! “Reckoner Lockdown.” Go to the site, and it should be first thing to listen to.
PAULA DEEN UPDATE: Paula just said, “We’re going to add a scoop of dill, and that’s going to be just dilly.” Indeed.


My girlfriend sent me this video from Perez Hilton’s website yesterday, and I’d describe it as a full tank of nightmare-fuel. It’s called Sarah Palin Remixed, and it is kinda funny, but only in that nervous laughter funny way. You were warned.
PAULA DEEN UPDATE: Paula just said, “You know, now and always, I send you love and best dishes. From my kitchen to yours.”

That’s it y’all. Paula’s gone, and a show about soul food is on.

Love and best dishes,
– Matt


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