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Posted in Uncategorized by vinylrecordsunc on October 26, 2008

Please tell me there are more of these

A recording of John Lennon during his Beatles days surfaced where he plays a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Mama You’ve Been on my Mind” – the best part is where he forgets the words towards the end and substitutes “la la la la la la” for the verse.

The Beatles – “Mama You’ve Been on my Mind (Bob Dylan cover)”

You moving like a robocop

More and more tracks from the upcoming Kanye West album 808’s and Heartbreak are making their way to the Internet. The sound is definitely different than everything Kanye’s done before, and as promised – more autotune on the vocals.

Kanye West – “Robocop”

And here’s a high-quality version of a gorgeous video that makes me smile and feel a little sad at the same time. God I miss summertime.

That’s it for me right now. Take care, Vinylites.

– Matt


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