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Bankin’ off those who have not voted yet

Posted in Uncategorized by vinylrecordsunc on October 30, 2008

Hey all you wonderful civic citizens, because this is such an important election, I feel dutybound to announce that you can continue voting at Morehead Planetarium until Saturday. But more importantly, Merge Records thinks this is important as well. They have been organizing concerts along with the Obama campaign (liberal media bastards) with North Carolina musicians to “Rock the Vote!!!!”


The concert is on the Graham Memorial terrace, from 9am to 1pm and its a superb opportunity to hear some wonderful home grown music, on your own back terrace as it were. I’m particularly excited about the Bowerbirds, and have heard great things about Megafaun. So be there to cash in on the excitement surrounding our wonderful political process and hear some lovely music to boot.


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  1. Matt said, on October 31, 2008 at 7:34 pm

    If you don’t go vote, Superchunk is gonna call you a slack motherfucker.

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