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Jazz (sort of) for a Rainy Afternoon

Posted in Uncategorized by vinylrecordsunc on November 4, 2008

Before you even ask-yes I know what today is. I know that we’re trying to elect a new leader for our nation and I don’t like you if you didn’t vote. But we’ve already posted about election tunes and our candidate’s favorite songs. So instead of being redundant, I’m going to talk about jazz.

It was a very chilly rainy day in Chapel Hill today and I found my ear being dragged towards jazz, one of my favorite genres of music. The great thing about jazz is that it can suit your mood in summer or winter, good or bad weather. Another wonderful thing about jazz is that it has been a major influence in the styles of some of the most interesting up and coming artists in music today.

We should all be tuning into Esperanza Spalding’s selftitled debut album, released in May of this year. Esperanza neatly blends world, jazz, and singer/songwriter influences to creat catchy, pleasing tunes. I listened to her “I Adore You” on my trapse home from class today as a matter of fact.

If you want to tap the world of old school jazz, you could go out and pull an album of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald duets OR you could be a little different and snag a copy of Sarah Vaughan’s album “The Divine Sarah Vaughan: The Columbia Years 1949-1953.” Sarah Vaughan is often trapped in Ella Fitzgerald’s shadow, but her voice easily rivals Ella Fitzgerald’s. It’s dark and mellow and every bit as velvety as Ms. Fitzgerald’s. Also-she knows how to sing about a rainy day. Check out “Lover Man,” which is just…outstanding.

Even though she may not technically be considered a jazz singer, Feist is clearly influenced by that style, especially on her first album, “Let it Die.” Leslie Feist’s hushed tones conjure the ghost of jazz’s smokey past. And never EVER underestimate her song craft. She can whisper to me all day long.

Here’s a rainy day playlist:

Sarah Vaughan-  Black Coffee, Body and Soul

Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald- Stars Fell on Alabama


Miles Davis- Blue in Green

Vince Guaraldi- Cast Your Fate to the Wind

Joao Gilberto- Joao Voz E Viola (This whole album is a rainy day album. It’s wonderful.)

Modern Jazz Quartet- Angel Eyes

Billie Holiday- Lover Man

John Coltrane- Say It (Over and Over Again)

Esperanza- Fall In

Explore, enjoy, etc.



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