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Posted in list, music by eksharpe on January 22, 2009

Good morning Chapel Hill! Two mornings ago I woke up, strolled over to my window, and skeptically rolled up the blinds. Of course, there was no point in being skeptical because, lo and behold, the world was all wrapped up in white. It’s like the whole earth was a bride and I am the groom that loves her to pieces. I was in my best of moods on Tuesday, and have, in no certain order, compiled a list of some song selections for snow days to come.

Kid A-Radiohead

Over the Pond- The Album Leaf

Broken Drum-Beck

Tram #7 To Heaven- Jens Lekman

The Cold Swedish Winter- Jens Lekman

Armchairs- Andrew Bird

Waltz for Dewayne Pomeroy- Chris Thile

Lost!- Coldplay

I love You Always Forever- Donna Lewis

Lonely, Lonely- Feist

Ada & Inman- Gabriel Yared

Skating- Vince Guaraldi

Flashing Lights- Kanye West

Ordinary People- John Legend

Start a War- The National

Blackbird-The Beatles

My Radio (AM Mix)-Stars

Breathe- Telepopmusik

Say Yes! To M!Ch!Gan- Sufjan Stevens

Yes, that’s exactly 20 songs. That’s how hard we try here at Vinyl Press.



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