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Vinyl Records Packs Local 506

Posted in Apollo, Hip Hop, Lafcadio, Lake Inferior, music, UNC, Vinyl by Matt on February 3, 2009

all photos by Sarah Smolen



When the staff opened doors at 8 pm, a line was already formed to get in.

When music started thirty minutes later, it was difficult to make it into or out of the performance room at Local 506, and the line outside stretched past storefronts to the end of the block. No one expected this  – Local 506 staff rushed to make more membership cards to accommodate the stream of people. Halfway through the night, Local 506 was full – owner Glen Boothe deemed it to be at capacity. Even with Boothe’s decree though, people stood outside and waited until someone else left so they could come in. A new chapter in the Vinyl Records story had started.



People were there because of the music. On a night when each artist released a record, the Vinyl Records groups pulled out all the stops: Lafcadio brought out a keyboard and midi foot pedals to recreate string sounds. Apollo had a full band on stage and guest vocalists as well. Lake Inferior brought out a string section for “Gaela” and a projection screen for their “multi-media experience.” Each artist played to a packed house of friends and fans while Vinyl Records staff members sold t shirts, stickers, posters, and most of all, new CDs from each artist.

Lake Inferior

Lake Inferior

Step one for Vinyl Records was signing its current artists.
Step two for Vinyl Records was what happened Friday night – a successful CD release.
Step three is coming soon – sign one more artist in February, and continue to push the releases from Apollo, Lafcadio, and Lake Inferior. If step three goes as well as the first two have, Vinyl Records will be in better shape than anyone could have imagined this time last year.

To get a look at the photos (186 in all) that Vinyl photo wizard Sarah Smolen posted from the CD release, go to the Vinyl Records Flickr page!

Also, check out the slideshows of Apollo and Lake Inferior from the Album Release Party, brought to you by our friends at Lake Inferior Slideshow and Apollo Slideshow


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  1. musicobsession said, on February 7, 2009 at 7:32 am

    they are really great stuff out there.

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