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Just to Get You in the Mood: 14 Songs for the 14th, and when to play them (or, a guide to your valentine’s day, musically)

Posted in love, mixes, music, Vinyl by Reed Turchi on February 13, 2009

What’s worse than not having a date on Valentine’s day, or even someone to think of that’s far away? Not having any music to listen to! So, just trying to look out for you, I’ve thrown together 14 songs that have something to do with Valentines/Love/etc, or you can simply use to get in the mushy mood. I realize this is a day early, but this should give you time to hunt down the songs, if need be. Best of luck with music, and your date, or non-date.

1) Disco Inferno-50 Cent
Just because “Valentine” is in the title of the album does NOT mean it’s appropriate for the big day. Unless, of course, you need this to get ready for the big date.

2) Green Valentine Blues-Allen Ginsberg
Yes, he’s singing. And no, it’s not pretty. If you’re bold enough to write a song or try and sing for your significant other, I highly suggest using this to make yourself seem a little better. Unless, of course, (s)he is likely to COMPARE you to Ginsberg…in which case your bad situation just got a lot worse.

3) Valentine’s Day-Outkast
No February 14th would be complete. I’d suggest playing this song at all times. Except, when I used to play piano (and then, really didn’t enjoy it), I’d practice wearing my headphones, listening to this-I still can’t play it. But, this should pick up your date.

4) April/Album of the Year-The Good Life
Does a long, quiet car ride await you? Or a late night of talking? Those situations call for this, just make sure you don’t start crying through the last few verses, if they describe your situation. And then I kissed her on the cheek…..

5) Nineteen-Tegan & Sara
Obviously, this depends a lot on the musical taste of your significant other, but if it works…well, the lyrics should get you off to the start.

6) The Dating Game, Part 1 and 2-Handsome Boy Modeling School
Because everyone needs to laugh. Then take him/her to NASA.

I would suggest NOT taking your date to waffle house (awful house), no matter how late it is.

I would suggest NOT taking your date to waffle house (awful house), no matter how late it is.

7) Can’t We Be Friends-Ella & Louis (Or “Cheek to Cheek”, or “A Foggy Day”, or “Tenderly”)
Just put this CD in the stereo/car, and make sure you set it on repeat.

8 ) Tymps-Fiona Apple
You know, I’m not sure I can really recommend this on a date, unless you’re playing it or singing it together. Perhaps it could be used for medicinal purposes if you’re getting over NOT having a valentines date.

9) Why Should I Feel Lonely-Robert Randolph and the Family Band
If you’re feeling down/missing someone…let Mr. Randolph put you back on your feet. After all, why should I feel lonely? Make sure you don’t cut if off :45 seconds in.

10) Too Much Love-Death From Above 1979
Please, please, please don’t play this on a date. If, however, you’re screaming along to lyrics in your bedroom and mad-as-hell…this is my contribution to your lamenting.

11) Valentine-Justice
If you need to D.A.N.C.E.

12) Honey Hush-Big Joe Turner
IF you need to dance…in a more classic sense, or if you’re a fan of the dance blues or swing, I can suggest no one better. This is the happiest song about domestic abuse I’ve ever heard “Don’t make me noivous baby, I’m holdin’ a baseball bat”…or, “Turn off the water works baby, they don’t move me no more”

13) For Your Love-Stevie Wonder
Mmm Mmm baby that’s right, this is smooth rhythm and blues 99.1, bringing you the jams you and your honey need on those long cold nights ahead….

14) 90% of Me is You-Amral’s Trinidad Vabaliers Steel Orchestra
Alright, you might have a little finding this one, so maybe (if it’s not going to get you into too much trouble…) you can use the title has a smooth line. As a pick up line, I’m not sure…you might have to get a little beyond the first date for something this potent. Then, one day, go buy the record it’s on (I won’t tell you-you’ll have to do a little work), and give it to your lover. THEN, you can proclaim, LOOK WHAT I FOUND!! IT MUST BE OUR SONG!!

ALSO: as a reward for making it to the end of this list…a special valentine’s mixed created by yours truely awaits you at:

-Reed Turchi


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  1. Laura Turchi said, on February 13, 2009 at 4:08 pm

    I think it has to be a different Stevie ballad. “All is Fair in Love” from Innervisions, maybe. Too many to choose from. Nice list, though.

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