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Showcase Previews!-Colby Ramsay

Posted in february showcase, music, UNC by Reed Turchi on February 23, 2009

In preperation for Friday’s showcase, I’ll be posting a biography/description of each artist that will be performing. Since I know you’ll already be coming out Friday, why not keep yourself hip and find something out about these artists beforehand?

Colbym Ramsay

Colby Ramsay

Colby Ramsay

Colby Ramsay is 7/16ths Jamaican, and otherwise very much Canadian. Heavily influenced by other Canadian artists, Ramsay has a self-described U.A.M. sound (that’s Unhibited-Animal-Magicality), and Ramsay performs it with his voice, piano, guitar, and bass. His music is certainly worth checking out on his Myspace, If you’re short on time can only listen to two songs, I recommend “Lost” and “So Incredibly Small”-the contrast between the smooth groove of “Lost” and acoustic strumming/vocals of “So Incredibly Small” offers a good range of Ramsay’s musicianship–and are solid tracks as well!

-Reed Turchi


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