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Showcase Preview!-Jacquelyn Lee

Posted in february showcase, music by Reed Turchi on February 24, 2009
Jacquelyn Lee

Jacquelyn Lee

A home-grown North Carolina musician, Jacquelyn Lee comes from Salisbury, having grown up with music, and often singing in country fair talent shows. Jacquelyn Lee began writing songs, playing guitar, and performing at age 15, and in 2006 entered into the coffeehouse scene of Salisbury, along with fellow showcase-artist Eric DiMarzio. That same year she released her home-made EP “What Color is Saturday”, and was continually developing her fingerpicking, dissonant style which is aimed at producing a sound that is (in the words of Jacquelyn Lee) “really ghosty, eerie and morbid. Never moribund, though–more like a folk zombie.”

Happy to invite other musicians to join her, Jacquelyn Lee seeks to synthesize her various influences, (Leonard Cohen, Colleen, T.S. Eliot, cats, Sojourner Truth, Adam Green, and bicycles, to name a few) to create her sound that has a resemblance to a “crusty Appalachian driad farm woman.” Available from myspace (, I recommend “Lorraine During the Rearing” and “Lovers Reincarnated”. But why listen to me? Of course you want to hear more, and of course I’ll see you at the showcase at 8:00 pm at Garrard Hall…after all, it’s free! So bring your date!

-Reed Turchi


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