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Showcase Preview!-The Huguenots

Posted in february showcase, mongoose, music, UNC, Zoology by Reed Turchi on February 25, 2009
The Huguenots at the Local 506

The Huguenots at the Local 506

“Try to remember always just to have a good time.” With this motto, The Huguenots–a quartet of lovers of all things timeless “be it clothes, instruments, (or) sounds”, play their rock n’ roll music all night long. Heavily influenced by The Beatles, The Kinks, The Strokes, and the Libertines–The Huguenots perform their classic “three and a half minute songs” with an accuracy and precision that is impressive. Rather than make claims to some “brand new” synthesis of sounds, they dive into the realm of good ol’ pop songs that just make you feel good inside. Or, in the words of the Independent Weekly, “The Huguenots are invitingly familiar, as warm and fuzzy as your favorite sweater or treasured vinyl crackling underneath a needle’s touch”. And it’s hard not to appreciate that familiarity, in a music world that often seems solely bent on finding something “new” and “original”  (if you remember the Monty Python skit of the man who uses tuned-mice as keys for his mallets…),why not welcome something that’s just downright fun to dance to? Give them a listen at, and be sure to come out on friday night! Only two nights away!

-Reed Turchi


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