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Saul Williams TONIGHT at 8:00 in the Great Hall of the Student Union

Posted in Hip Hop, music, UNC by Reed Turchi on March 3, 2009
Saul Williams

Saul Williams

Spoken word and hip-hop artist Saul Williams will be performing tonight at Chapel Hill, and even if it is the season for mid term exams and papers, this is a performance you really should not miss, and that will likely be unlike any you’ve seen. Saul Williams is the epitome of the modern spoken word artist/rapper. Having worked with countless beat-makers and DJ’s (from Blockhead to DJ Spooky), William’s work is important both musically and culturally. Whether or not you can make it tonight, check out and you’ll see what I mean when I say he’s unlike any other. William’s describes himself and his work by saying “Who I am and what I do seems to vary by mod, mood, and mode of expression. I write. I act. I perform.” In regards to his music, he states that “In music I think of myself as an explorer participating in the construction of the soundscape of the new world hatched out of our dreams, hope and vision of peace and harmony” but adds “that doesn’t necessarily mean this shit is soft though…”

Also, search youtube for Saul William’s “List of Demands”

On that note, I’ll see you at 8:oo.

-Reed Turchi

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