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We Have a Winner and His Name is Colby Ramsay!

Posted in Colby Ramsay, february showcase, music, UNC by Matt on March 3, 2009

The votes have been tallied, and Vinyl Records is proud to welcome our newest recording artist:


With over 38 percent of the vote, Colby is the winner of Vinyl Record’s February Face-Off 2009. Many thanks to the 2092 UNC students that voted. More  than that, thank you to Eric DiMarzio, It Is Rain In My Face, Jacquelyn Lee, and the Hugeunots for making the Face-Off itself such a great time. Future musical success for those acts would not be surprising at all.

Look back here soon for more on Colby, as well as the usual coverage of Apollo, Lafcadio, and Lake Inferior. While most news has been about the Face-Off lately, our other acts haven’t exactly been sitting back.

Again, congratulations Colby! We’re all excited to make you a part of Vinyl Records.


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