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I’m impressed by Fall Out Boy…what did he just say?

Posted in music, UNC, Vinyl by vinylrecordsunc on March 16, 2009

Hey vinylites! I hope everyone’s spring break was full and fun. I wanted to share a story with you that I still almost don’t believe myself.

I’m studying abroad in Montpellier, France right now, and a friend of mine from Columbia University named Richard interviewed the members of Fall Out Boy for a local radio station, not 3 days ago. Fall Out Boy have been touring Europe, and soon Japan, on their “Believers Never Die” tour, which coincidentally is coming to the US in April (Charlotte on the 24th, OMG! that’s in NC!)

Richard was approached by an old French man with sunglasses and sandals on the sidewalk one day, who was thrilled to find out he was an American because he had been trawling the streets of Montpellier all day trying to find an American student to go backstage at the Fall Out Boy concert and interview them for the radio station. It couldn’t have worked out better that he found Richard, who is one of the most impulsive and interesting people I have ever met. Naturally I assumed the stage was set for some fake-punk embarrassing air-wave slaughter.

Richard started off by kissing them all on the cheek (called “bises” in french) then asking them about their music and their tour. From their they launched into a discussion of the Prison Industry Complex, the economic crisis, and the differences between Anarcho-Syndicalism and Anarcho-Primitivism, (for those of you who, like me, were dumber than Fall Out Boy, Anarcho-Primitivism is a philosophical and political movement that views the shift from a hunter-gatherer to an agrarian lifestyle as the cause of society’s current problems and advocates a reversion to a “pre-civilization” paradigm, whereas Anarcho-Syndicalism is associated with a movement of labor unions that will ultimately shift power from the Capitalism system to a more self-governed one.)

I don’t mean to suggest that simply being familiar with some edgy ideas makes a band cool or better, but the fact that Richard and I had both written them off as typical pop-star-MTV-pandering-sellouts is telling.

The music industry does tend to create boring prototypes for popular groups to fit into, to assure record sales and associated merchandise revenue, but artists are artists, and it turns out that they often have something interesting to teach you. So take the time to talk to the local, home-grown talent, they may surprise you and in the process you can discover the rich and diverse music scene we are blessed with at UNC.

The moral of the story is this: artists are much more than just the sum of their musical parts  Look at it this way, if Fall Out Boy have something interesting to say, imagine how hip and riveting the non-industry-lap-dog musicians in your own back yard must be!

-Adam Sherwood


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