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Things I don’t understand about music, episode 1

Posted in music by vinylrecordsunc on March 17, 2009

OK-I know that to be really famous and super hott in our culture, you’ve got to dress the part. You have to have a little signature. If you’re Paris Hilton, that means accessorize with K-9 (maybe in her case K-8) companions. If you’re Jennifer Aniston, model those famous abs. If you’re John Mayer, model Jennifer Aniston.
Apparently, Jason Mraz got the “find a fashion signature” memo also…have you seen the hat? Every picture, every show he plays, that stupid hat makes an appearance.
Mr. A-Z, no one loves the way you croon and slap that guitar around with your jazzy chords more than I do, honestly. If you advertised for concubines, I would totally sign up. To borrow from a recent hit baby…I’m yours. But that hat…it’s got to go. You look ridiculous. Are you balding? Is the sun in your eyes? Are you related Humphrey Bogart or Indiana Jones? NO. NO YOU’RE NOT.
TAKE OFF THE HAT, JASON. Consider it the remedy to any fashion queries you may have from now on.

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