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North Mississippi Allstars at Lincoln Theater Friday Night

Posted in music by Reed Turchi on April 1, 2009



The North Mississippi All-Stars

The North Mississippi All-Stars

With the blues in their veins, brothers Cody and Luther Dickinson along with bassist and backup vocalist Chris Chew are allstars and torch-bearers of the Mississippi blues. Unlike many of the “blues influenced” bands of the last few decades, the Allstars remain true to their roots and are unwavering in their more amplified and raw version of the blues. The Allstars don’t hesistate to make use of the age-old blues lyrics that were sewn with cotton into southern soils, and have consistently worked and performed with blues legends such as R.L. Burnside (who is now “With the angels in heaven, with them sweet jelly rolls”) in order to keep their blues authentic and close to home.

With their recent dual CD-DVD release “Do It Like We Used To”, the Allstars chronical their own rise and development between 1996 and 2008.

As described on “The Honest Tune”,

Do It Like We Used to Do succeeds on all fronts. Bucking the all-too-common studio retrospective, the North Mississippi Allstars have chosen to revisit their history where it has played out most impressively-the stage….These guys are the disciples of Mississippi hill country blues, and under their watch, this regional style will live forever.” nmcd21

The Allstars blues falls in the line of previous blues greats, from the very earliest (Charlie Patton, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Willie Johnson), to the first of the electric generation (Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters), to more recent blues and blues influenced bands (Livin’ Blues, Chuck Berry, Led Zeppelin)–however rather than continue becoming removed from the source, The North Mississippi All-Stars go right back to the very routes, and so bring a sound and performance that is undeniably traditional and also a brand new blues. 

Or, according to lead guitarist and vocalist Luther Dickinson, “We’re just trying to keep the boogie alive.”

Come keep the boogie alive yourself at Lincoln Theater in Raleigh Friday night. 


-Reed Turchi


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