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Interest Meetings Monday, April 20th!

Posted in music by Reed Turchi on April 17, 2009

Ever interested in finding out more about how you can work with and become involved with Vinyl Records, UNC’s student-run record label? This is the time to get involved, seeing as Vinyl will be expanding and encompassing new ground in the months to come! Though this may be exam season, come on by the Cabaret for one of the interest meetings Monday and you’ll get FOOD, a presentation on what Vinyl is, and detailed job descriptions from current Vinyl members. 

Meeting #1interestmeetingharper
3:00 PM

Meeting #2
6:00 PM

Some positions we would like to fill…(we are hiring for all positions)
*Assistant Audio Engineer
*Booking Manager
*Events Planning Manager
*General Advertising and Promotions Manager
*Advertising and Promotions (UNC) Director
*Advertising and Promotions (National) Director
*Graphic Designer

Note: You need only attend one (1) meeting! Which ever best fits your schedule!
Come by, feed your munchies, apply to work with us!


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