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Rockin’ the Suburbs…or at least Duke

Posted in music by vinylrecordsunc on April 23, 2009

Maybe I just really love Ben Folds. Maybe it was just the general vibe of the event. Maybe I was just in an awesome mood because I had seen the movie Earth about and hour before I headed over to Duke. Regardless, I have to say…Duke knows how to throw down.

Yesterday was Duke’s last day of classes, and as per tradition, they threw a free concert for the inebriated/stoned students. Girl Talk and Ben Folds…for free…how could you possibly think that Tar Heels, only seven miles down the road, were not going to crash that party?

This is now one of my favorite concert experiences, topped only by Radiohead because, let’s face it, they’re Radiohead. Girl Talk was incredible and if I were Gym Class Heroes, I would hate to play after him. But play they did…and they rocked it out.

I’ve never really been that into Gym Class Heroes. I liked Cupid’s Chokehold, of course, because everyone did, but other than that, I really didn’t even know their body of work. After seeing them at Duke, though, I would LOVE to see them live again. Lead singer Travis McCoy (who dates Katy Perry, by the way) insisted on crowd participation, telling us to hug each other and jump up and down and repeat after him. That is the way a concert should be done.

Gym Class Heroes...Rocking my socks off.

Gym Class Heroes...Rocking my socks off.

Finally Ben Folds took the stage and he was oh-so-much better than the last time I saw him. I know I gave him and the guys a rave review before, but the more I thought about it, I realized that I was a little disappointed. They didn’t play Brick, Kate, any of the songs I especially love. Well, he made up for it at Duke, played those songs as well as other favorites such as Bitches Ain’t Shit, Bastard, Still Fighting It, Rockin’ the Suburbs, and Annie Waits.

Ben Folds. And yes, we really were just that close...with a little zoom.

Ben Folds. And yes, we really were just that close...with a little zoom.

The energy in the quad was off the charts. I can’t even really describe it. I know it’s my job to, but I can’t. Suffice it to say, I have never been to a concert like this where not only university laws were completely suspended, but the law in general was completely suspended. Kids were running around with arm fulls of vodka airplane bottles, handles, 40’s, and yes, weed was everywhere. Everyone was happy. And amid the swarming crowd of Duke Blue, the Tar Heels made themselves known by yelling “TAR…HEELS!!!!” and chanting…nothing mean, though. And we didn’t even end up in a knife fight because everyone was drunk/baked and happy. So the acts were outstanding, but, honestly, I think the venue made the concert.

Dear Duke,

I really like your concerts. I think that we are going to be friends and I can’t wait to see you again soon.


Kathleen Sharpe (Courtesy Vinyl Records UNC)


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