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Vinyl Artist Update! Colby Ramsay is now “My Boy Rascal”

Posted in Colby Ramsay, love, music, WHAT THE FUCK by Reed Turchi on May 1, 2009

my-boy-rascal2The winner of Vinyl Records’ February face-off, the artist now formerly known as Colby Ramsay, announced recently that he will now be going by the name “My Boy Rascal”, which is the name of the ongoing musical project consisting of Colby Ramsay, permanent contributing member Colin Iwanski, and occasionally accompanying member Mallorie Price. My Boy Rascal (MBR) describes themselves as “making magically delicious music that you will undoubtedly enjoy immensely.” 

Both Iwanski and Price are affiliated with Tar Heel Voices, UNC’s oldest co-ed a cappella group, and will help Colby Ramsay develop his artistic sound in the new MBR group. 

My Boy Rascal can be found on youtube, facebook (by searching for “My Boy Rascal”), twitter, and even has a free download available at

Be sure to check it out, and good luck finishing your exams! 









Some of Our Finer Work

Some of Our Finer Work


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