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Bonnaroo Update: TurchiTweets 3.0, 3.25, 3.5, and 3.75

Posted in Bonnaroo, music by turkeysaygobble on June 12, 2009

Friday’s Bonnaroo Updates from Vinyl Records field reporter (Mixtur)Reed Turchi

TurchiTweet3.0 (12:57pm): “Went to the press meting and I must say I’m overwhelmed. A lot to learn for next year, need to be more prepared.”

TurchiTweet3.25 (1:03pm): “Today’s lineup- Gomez, Animal Collective, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, Beastie Boys, Phoenix, Crystal Castles, and Girl Talk.”

TurchiTweet3.50 (3:07pm): “Front row for Animal Collective, which puts me at the hip center of the world for the next few hours.”

TurchiTweet3.75 (4:08pm): “It must be Animal Collective, seeing as its 95 degrees and everyone has a damn scarf on. Security just tore the head off an inflatable flamingo.”


Relevant Grateful Dead quote of the day:
“Dressed myself in green, I went down unto the sea. Try to see what’s goin’ down, try to read between the lines.”


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