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(non)Bonnaroo Review!

Posted in music by Reed Turchi on June 23, 2009


It’s true! Vinyl Records had a representative at Bonnaroo, enjoying the “Media Pass”, attending shows, taking too many photos, videos, and much more. And yet, where is the evidence? Not one photo, or video, or concert review has appeared.

I’m appalled by the situation, most and foremost because that “representative” of Vinyl is…me. My notes, photos, and videos are all currently at the hands of a computer shop (perhaps inept?), which day by day pushes past the expected deadline for completing  the “repairs”.broken-computer

The good news? Here are some things you can expect, tomorrow- 

-A day by day recap of events and shows

-Photos and videos from over a dozen concerts (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Hockey, Crystal Castles, Girl Talk, Chairlift, Animal Collective, Bruce Springsteen, The Beastie Boys, and more!) 

I apologize for the extreme delay, and I hope you’ll hold out just another day or two longer. 


-Reed Turchi


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