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A Shout Out to Lex “Lexicon” Jordan

Posted in music by Reed Turchi on July 7, 2009

While you may have been lounging around and enjoying the summer (or interning, or working at your home town snowball stand, or traveling the world, or, well, about anything..), UNC student and rapper “Lexicon” has been hard at work on his new mixtape, “I Am NC”, which he released last Thursday. While Vinyl has not been officially involved with Lexicon’s work, his hustle and tremendous energy surely warrants a shout-out, just as his mixtape deserves a listen.

Lexicon I AM NCYou can check out his Myspace (, which includes the following bio-

“Lexicon was born in raleigh North Carolina coming out of one of the ruffest areas in the triangle area. Hip Hop was Lexicon’s foundation because of his older siblings who made him age to fast. So instead of putting his energy into negative activities like some of his dead and locked up friends his energy went to music and books which led him to be at UNC Chapel Hill. Now as well as hitting the books more he hits the studio more because he hustled literally hundreds of cds at high school to buy the equipment needed to better his musical experience. So with the studio in his room and on campus he is ready to go. It is best said by Lexicon himself “I wanna flow like jeezy but rhyme like nas” so when you think you hearing just random words listen a little closer and you will hear indept metaphors in his songs. With the flow of Nas, hooks of Prince, context of Lupe, and a little dash of guns n roses you will get Lexicon but he spits it out in his own perspective and from his own scenario from the struggles and exitements of his life. So get ready for the future because it’s here.”

So give in to your curiosity, and download the mixtape!


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  1. CK said, on July 14, 2009 at 10:39 am

    Puttin on for the 919

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