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Vinyl Records UNC Sampler 2009

Posted in music by turkeysaygobble on August 24, 2009

Click the image below to download Vinyl Record UNC’s 2009 compilation album featuring songs from Lafcadio Shot Back, My Boy Rascal, and Lake Inferior.  New tunes include a live version of Lafcadio Shot Back’s “Voices of Women” and a demo version of “Gepeddo” by Lake Inferior — not to mention the world’s first peek at February signee My Boy Rascal. Track listing below:

vr mixtape final

Intro (feat. Lexicon)

Lord Knows – Lafcadio Shot Back

Spiders – Lake Inferior

Coming Clean – My Boy Rascal

Voices of Women (live) – Lafcadio Shot Back

Wars – Lake Inferior

Like An Ocean Wave – My Boy Rascal

Maria – Lafcadio Shot Back

OK (live) – My Boy Rascal

Gepeddo (demo) – Lake Inferior


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