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Aminal, Dive, & 5 Questions

Posted in live music, music, UNC, Vinyl by Matt on August 28, 2009


Over on the Daily Tar Heel site, Diversions editor Jordan Lawrence has a great interview with Vinyl cohorts Aminal. The relationship between Vinyl, students, and the Chapel Hill music community is a complex one, but Patrick, Cameron, and Jordan do a great job, probably the best we’ve seen so far, at breaking it down. Take this example:

Diversions: You guys are working with Vinyl for the VR Presents. What are your thoughts on it in the light of the pretty constant disconnect between students and the local music scene?

Patrick O’Neil: I think that Vinyl records represents something that is sponsored by the University, much in the way that the radio station was maybe ten years ago, that is reaching out to the community and trying to involve people in Chapel Hill and what this town has to offer, which is a vibrant music scene and arts scene. Their purpose is clear, and they’re doing a good job.

Cameron Weeks: It’s a bunch of students that actually have their heads into the music scene and like the bands that are playing around town and are trying to get the word out to students to get them more involved. There’s so much good music in this town, you can just go out and see it.

Vinyl is sponsoring Aminal’s show at the Cave on Saturday, August 29th. Rat Jackson and Pistolero will also be performing.

Photo Daily Tar Heel

Photo Daily Tar Heel


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  1. wdthigpen said, on October 1, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    Great photo! Love the angle.

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