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Lexicon @ The Library Oct 10, 9pm

Posted in Hip Hop, live music, music, UNC, wailin wednesdays by turkeysaygobble on October 8, 2009


Lexicon “Undeniable” music video here

South Raleigh born and raised, UNC-Chapel Hill-based rapper Lexiconmeshes southern-fried beats with boastful and overtly sexual lyrics to create over-the-top songs that are as much confessions of carnal frustration and fantasy as they are aggressive, egotistical declarations of his own virtuosity.

Over the course of the past year he has become one of the most, if not simply the most, controversial musicians on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus.  With song titles as blatantly suggestive as “F*** Yo Mans” and “Butterscotch,” the controversy surrounding UNC’s most prolific and versatile hip-hop act is certainly warranted. However, Lexicon claims that the content of his songs does not stray from the now-seemingly innocuous R&B and Rock & Roll hits of the 1950s. When defending his explicit works it’s simple: Lex references Howlin’ Wolf and Elvis Presley, proclaiming, “They talked about sex—why can’t I?”

And why can’t he? In the present day, college rappers are unfairly pigeonholed into insincere social consciousness and pseudo-intellectualism, and the artist who doesn’t fit the mold is automatically labeled a “wannabe mainstreamer.” Lexicon vehemently challenges this bias, and his success has been striking.

Having already headlined at Chapel Hill’s renownedLocal 506 (a feat virtually unheard of for a UNC rapper), as well performing Main Stage at UNC’s Fall Fest (an annual event attended by thousands of undergraduates), Lex has built a strong following both inside and outside the University community.

Considering his ever-increasing momentum and popularity, Vinyl Records would like to give you a chance to revisit some of Lexicon’s best work from the past year in VR Presents: “Lexicon: The Classics”. The four songs compiled here first appeared on Lexicon’s mixtapes, Edna, and I Am NC, but have been reworked in a way that truly shows the artist coming into his own: each is tighter and far sexier than it’s original. This man wants your attention, and he more than deserves it.

So download Lexicon: The Classicshere, and check out his next show at 9pm Saturday, October 10th at The Library, featuring South Park affiliateBang Bang Tang. The show is free for ages 21+.

For more Lexicon, be sure to check out his myspace, and be on the lookout for his new album Nwachukwu due out on itunes in the next few weeks.


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