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Duke vs UNC Battle of the Bands – send in your demo!

Posted in live music, music, UNC by turkeysaygobble on February 18, 2010


Dear student bands of Duke and UNC,

Campus Concert Series presents …for its third year running… BATTLE OF THE BANDS!!! Battle of the Bands 2010 will take place on March 20th at the Duke Coffeehouse. On this date at 6PM, three bands from Duke and three from UNC will battle it out until one band is left standing, to be proclaimed the BEST BAND of 2010 at Duke and UNC!! Prizes TBA.

Participants should submit one or two demo songs (at least one original piece) to by MARCH 3RD at 11:59PM. Invitations to the battle will be sent to three bands from each school by March 5th.

Only qualification to enter:
Half of your band must be enrolled at either Duke or UNC.

At the actual battle, all six bands will play two songs, after which a panel of judges will narrow the final contestants to one band from Duke and one from UNC. Each of these bands will play three songs (repetition at the discretion of the band), and a final winner will be declared, along with winning titles for individual instruments. This entire even will be recorded, courtesy of Vinyl Records at UNC!

Please join the facebook event to receive updates!

Looking forward to hearing all of you!

Shin Chang
Chair of Campus Concert Series
Duke ’11 BME

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  1. Ann Kaiyala said, on May 10, 2010 at 8:08 am

    Please contact me with the name of the band that won this competition.

    Thank you.

    • vinylstaff said, on July 23, 2010 at 6:13 pm

      I know this is two months later, but the band that won the competition was ArnHao. Their website is

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