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Welcome to the wonderful online world of Vinyl Records UNC, the University’s very own student-run record label. Vinyl Records is a music incubator. We will be working to cultivate the music scene on campus and provide the necessary framework for the incredible artists here at UNC to grow to their full potential.

In essence, Vinyl Records is all about you, Reader, you are the talent, the dedication, the creativity, and the support behind this new student music movement. This blog will serve you, the student body, by constantly updating you on all things Vinyl on and around campus, including artist profiles, album and show reviews, upcoming events to watch for, and even student created artwork. We want it all.

Enough introduction, time for a statement: I love Music. I love everythng about it; the process behind it, the artists who create it, the live shows where I experience it. Trying to understand the phenomenon that is music is a life pursuit, and I love being confounded by music as much as my attempts to grasp it fully. Music, like Vinyl Records, is about being there, in every sense of the phrase. Vinyl Records is dependent on the extraordinary students here at UNC to come to shows, to create a buzz around up and coming artists, and to play the music we all want and need to hear. You are every aspect, every facet of the jewel that Vinyl Records is to the UNC community. Head over to the Upcoming Events page to read about all the Vinyl Records extravaganzas going on in the area, and stay tuned for everything from Podcasts featuring artist spotlights to Photography and Fiction competitions. Everything you want to know about Vinyl Records will be here, and probably a little more, Let ‘er Rip!


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  1. Thomas said, on February 27, 2009 at 9:44 am

    Brilliant initiative. Just let me know if we can help out in some way šŸ™‚

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