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My Boy Rascal Album Release Friday

Posted in Colby Ramsay, live music, UNC by vinylrecordsunc on February 23, 2010

Only 3 days until you can get your hands on a copy of “The Study of Animal Magicality,” the debut album from My Boy Rascal. The musical project of UNC student Colby Ramsay, My Boy Rascal takes listeners through seven immediately listenable tracks on “Animal Magicality.” With strong acoustic guitar, soul-bearin’ vocals, piano, and even a bit of impressive whistling, well-crafted favorites like “Coming Clean” prove that this has been an album 3 years in the making.  Ramsay started My Boy Rascal with the hopes of bringing in other artists for collaboration, and the album release show Friday will feature a full band of UNC musicians that contribute to MBR.

Ramsay says the idea behind “The Study of Animal Magicality” is that we should all take a hint from the animals and step back from the craziness of our daily lives. If we do this, the things in life that are most important will become clear. Clearly, you should put down the books and come study some animal magicality Friday night with My Boy Rascal. The release party starts at 8 pm at the Student Union Cabaret. And it’s FREE. See you there.

Check out MBR’s music at

Saturday FREE SHOW Lake Inferior w/ It Is Rain In My Face

Posted in Lake Inferior, live music, love, music, Vinyl by turkeysaygobble on December 19, 2009

Lake Inferior

It Is Rain In My Face

download a FREE EP by It Is Rain In My Face at or just click here

Lake Inferior Album Release at Local 506 recap

Posted in Lake Inferior, live music, love, music, UNC, Vinyl by turkeysaygobble on November 16, 2009

Thanks so much to everyone who made the trek to Local 506 Thursday! Among the night’s three INCREDIBLE bands, the extraterrestrial Acroentertainment crew, the silly string, the balloons, and your soon-to-be cherished copy of Lake Inferior’s newest record “Pegasaur,” we hope you all had as fantastic an evening as we did!

Check out some great photos from the show, featuring all the bands here

Also, peep a Lake Inferior / Vinyl Records interview via Diversions’ video podcast here

For those of you who couldn’t make it out, PEGASAUR is now available for purchase at your favorite triangle area record stores!

Chape Hill – CD ALLEY


Limited copies of the record are still available, so get yours while you can!

If you haven’t done so, grab a FREE DOWNLOAD of the first single “Gepeddo” here:

Again, LAKE INFERIOR and VINYL RECORDS UNC would like to thank all of you for making last night such an incredible evening. Without you all, we’d be lost in space!

The Eurythmics cover is coming soon!

Lake Inferior Album Release Tomorrow! At Local 506 w/ The Honored Guests and Gift Horse

Posted in Lake Inferior, live music, love, music, UNC, Vinyl by turkeysaygobble on November 11, 2009


Call 919.495.2312 between 8 and 10pm tomorrow (Thursday) and we’ll arrange to ahve you picked up at one of three locations:

1) ATM machines by Davis Library, UNC

2) Caribou Coffee

3) Weaver St Market

Remember, there’s no rain in outer space or inside Local 506!  Show starts with Athens-based Gift Horse at 9pm, followed by The Honored Guests at 10pm.



Video: My Boy Rascal 9.25.09 at Jack Sprat

Posted in Colby Ramsay, live music, music, UNC, Zoology by turkeysaygobble on October 15, 2009

For those of you that missed MBR’s 9.25.09 show at Jack Sprat, you missed out on a great performance.  The show featured a handful of new tunes, which are being given the final tweaks in Vinyl Records’ recording studio right now, plus a great Kings of Leon cover, as sung by MBR contributer Colin Iwanski.  All video shot and edited by Tiffany Dixon.

Lake Inferior // Pegasaur 10″ // 11.12.09

Posted in Lake Inferior, love, music, UNC by turkeysaygobble on October 11, 2009

click the image above to pre-order

Lake Inferior
Pegasaur 10” w/ digital download
(Street Date: Nov 12, 2009)
pre-order here

Lake Inferior’s latest release takes listeners aboard the SS Pegasaur for a celestial and psychoactive journey through the nether-regions of outer space.Pegasaur finds the band delving into swells of electric guitars and washed-out synthesizers, filled with burbling poly-rhythmic delight. The record is equal parts swirling dance atmospheres (“Addressing Parents”) and 8-bit Star Fox soundtrack (“Gepeddo”). Limited to 420 copies worldwide, Lake Inferior’s Pegasaur is set to take off in T-minus 11.12.09 seconds.

For a promotional copy of the album, please contact

Preview “Gepeddo” and “Addressing Parents” at

Booking / Press / Management

Vinyl Records UNC
c / o Tripp Gobble

My Boy Rascal Friday (Sept 25) at Jack Sprat

Posted in Colby Ramsay, live music, love, music, UNC, Zoology by turkeysaygobble on September 23, 2009


Aminal, Dive, & 5 Questions

Posted in live music, music, UNC, Vinyl by Matt on August 28, 2009


Over on the Daily Tar Heel site, Diversions editor Jordan Lawrence has a great interview with Vinyl cohorts Aminal. The relationship between Vinyl, students, and the Chapel Hill music community is a complex one, but Patrick, Cameron, and Jordan do a great job, probably the best we’ve seen so far, at breaking it down. Take this example:

Diversions: You guys are working with Vinyl for the VR Presents. What are your thoughts on it in the light of the pretty constant disconnect between students and the local music scene?

Patrick O’Neil: I think that Vinyl records represents something that is sponsored by the University, much in the way that the radio station was maybe ten years ago, that is reaching out to the community and trying to involve people in Chapel Hill and what this town has to offer, which is a vibrant music scene and arts scene. Their purpose is clear, and they’re doing a good job.

Cameron Weeks: It’s a bunch of students that actually have their heads into the music scene and like the bands that are playing around town and are trying to get the word out to students to get them more involved. There’s so much good music in this town, you can just go out and see it.

Vinyl is sponsoring Aminal’s show at the Cave on Saturday, August 29th. Rat Jackson and Pistolero will also be performing.

Photo Daily Tar Heel

Photo Daily Tar Heel

Vinyl Records Sampler – Free Music

Posted in Colby Ramsay, Lafcadio, Lafcadio Shot Back, Lake Inferior, love, mixes, music, UNC, Vinyl by vinylrecordsunc on August 25, 2009

Check out this great download of the Vinyl Records 2009 Artist Sampler, with tracks from all 3 current Vinyl Records artists, Lafcadio Shot Back, Lake Inferior, and My Boy Rascal, as well as an exclusive intro from Lexicon. Its a great way to hear some classic tracks as well as some previously unreleased material.

here’s the link:

happy listening,

Adam Sherwood

Previously on Vinyl Records

Posted in Colby Ramsay, Lafcadio, Lake Inferior, music, UNC, Vinyl by vinylrecordsunc on August 24, 2009

Welcome back everyone! Today starts Vinyl Records UNC’s sophomore campaign. In the coming weeks we’re going to reveal a lot of great things happening at the label, but before we get to that point, let’s get up to speed on the past few months.

Lafcadio Shot Back

The wonderful foursome of Lafcadio Shot Back spent the warmer months all over the place. Now that they’ll be back in North Carolina, they have big plans. A full-length record is in the works for the crew, and Ryan & Liz have been writing new material all summer. One influence that may or may not present itself–Eric spent the summer working for the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! in Los Angeles.

Lake Inferior

As regular readers know, Lake Inferior spent a large portion of their summer break on an East Coast tour, with a long stop in New York City. Things went great, even though a rogue NYC cop probably stole things from them. This month, the band has been in the studio, putting together the tracks for a 7″ that Vinyl will be putting out this fall. To hear the new songs, make sure to come see Lake Inferior on Friday the 28th at Jack Sprat in Chapel Hill. Free for those who are old enough to get your drink on, as mandated by America. Youngsters pay a small cover.

My Boy Rascal

My Boy Rascal, the most Canadian thing to ever happen to Vinyl Records, spent the summer stocking up an enormous number of songs. Shows were played and girls were left swooning. That happens. That also means My Boy Rascal is not far from heading into the studio that Vinyl Records is putting together right now and making a full-length record. Top off your swoon tanks, because Colby & Co. will get it done.

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