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Vinyl Artist Update! Apollo Graduates and Free Downloads

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The Architect

Apollo's sophomore release, "The Architect"

Chapel Hill has long been known for its indie rock scene-from Mammoth to Merge Records, to the multitude of noises pulsating within a given hole in the wall, dimly lit alleyway, or down some ominous stairwell on any night of the week. However, a very particular sound floated towards the top of the community’s musical melting pot this year, and it involved deep, rhythmic bass, glistening guitar, emotive keyboards, and some of the most energetic drumming around.

Andrew Rooney’s stage persona “Apollo” and his out-of-this-world “Celestial Starship Band” threw a wrench into the plaid shirts, snap buttons, and tight denim world of Chapel Hill/Carrboro with inventive hip hop backed by funkified, soulful jams that can’t be heard outside of the Triad’s “Solos Unit”, the undisputed local masters fusion hip hop.

From a sold out CD release show at Local 506 with fellow Vinyl Records’ labelmates Lafcadio and Lake Inferior, to nearly every on-campus concert and outdoor festival he could get his hands on, Apollo proved himself a trusted source for socially conscious, local hip hop that kicks out the jams and maintains a party vibe to the nth degree.

Though Apollo can be expected to still make face around Chapel Hill next year, his life leads him a bit east, into the heart of downtown Durham as an up-and-coming high school math teacher. There’s no doubt Apollo and producer Proper-T will continue their musical pursuits, but it does mean he will be parting ways with Chapel Hill-based Vinyl Records UNC, once again finding himself as another face in the vast sea of self-releasing and promoting hip hop artists. What are his distinguishing characteristics? A solid sophomore release, “The Architect,” available at his myspace for only eight bucks, and some incredible familiarity with the local music scene and many of its avid supporters–not to mention he’s a soon-to-be UNC graduate with friends, family, and a university-based swath of supporters to back him up whenever he desires a return to the lime light.

So long, Apollo, and we wish you the best of luck. We can’t wait to stroll down 9th Street and hear “Spittin’ Rhymes” blaring out of Shooters. And for our readers, download these free tunes, including the second single from “The Architect,” “Crusin'” as well as a live version of his anti-Asher Roth “College Life.”

College Life
Tank Top Straps

Vinyl Updates for 3/19/2009

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Vinyl Records’ frontline artists are all making sweet, sweet music this weekend, and here’s what you need to know:

  • Tonight, Lake Inferior is headlining a show at Local 506 that also features I Was Totally Destroying It, as well as Pink Flag. Put on by Relay for Life, the night is their Cancer Sucks Benefit Show. This week’s Independent said our boys in LI, “cap the show with glowing indie pop that elicits thoughts of Brian Eno’s pop production. Stark but warm, dynamic but restrained, Lake Inferior is already a fully functional unit, but still radiates the promise of even better things to come.” HOT DANG!
  • On Saturday, 3/21, Apollo, Lafcadio, and Lake Inferior will ALL be playing at Duke Coffeehouse for the yearly throwdown we all know as the Duke/UNC Battle of the Bands. UNC’s the Nothing Noise took the title home last time this was held, and I’ve got my money on another UNC group wiping the floor with the Duke groups at this one. The show starts at six, and the acts are as follows
    UNC bands:
    – The Huguenots
    – Lake Inferior
    – The Nomad Kings
    – D.LIV(E)
    – Apollo
    – Lafcadio

    Duke bands:
    – Cool Ethan
    – Panda Force
    – Soulless Dogs
    – David Eisenband
    – Tauri Wind
    – Hopus

    Without knowing anything about any of the Duke groups, I’m going to go ahead and say Cool Ethan is a Jason Schwartzman cover band (with an amazing name). Panda Force is probably lo-fi synth rock. Soulless Dogs sounds like a Tom Waits album name, so I’m going with a cross between Waits and Nick Cave. David Eisenband…Dave Matthews meets German leider. Tauri Wind: jam band? Hopus should probably be death metal that draws heavily from Native American musical signifiers. 

Good to be back! Go Heels!

Apollo at Aurora in Raleigh Saturday 9pm Hillsborough Street Renaissance Festival

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Looking for a change of scenery? Drop down to Raleigh this weekend, and be sure to check out Vinyl Records’ Apollo at Aurora Nightclub Saturday at 9pm. Located at the heart of Hillsborough Street and following ReDress Raleigh’s eco-fashion show which begins around 5pm, it should be a blast! Its free!

Directions to Aurora here

While your in town, walk it out at the Hillsborough Street Renaissance Festival–what should be Raleigh’s biggest block party since 1792. More info here, and don’t fret about the cold weather and rain, alot will be in doors or under cover. See you there!

Apollo's "The Architect" purchase at
Listen to Apollo here

Ten Thousand Views on Vinyl Press

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If Vinyl Records had a dollar for every visit made to Vinyl Press…we’d be out of debt!

Thanks goes out to everyone who contributed to the 10K visits we’ve received since starting Vinyl Press. We hope to keep bringing you exciting and helpful content in the future.

Everyone at Vinyl Records

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Vinyl Records in the Daily Tar Heel

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Doubly Endorsed!

Doubly Endorsed!

If you’re in Chapel Hill today, make sure to pick up a copy of the Daily Tar Heel. Jordan Lawrence, the DTH’s Assistant Arts Editor, provides a review of the Vinyl Records CD Release show at Local 506 last week. Lawrence seemed to enjoy things – he says that he’d never seen a crowd have that much fun at Local 506, and the worst thing he writes is that Apollo sounded too much like Jay-Z. At this stage, we’ll take Jay-Z.

If you won’t be able to grab a paper, the review is online here.

The Daily Tar Heel blog also had a recent post about the CD release, complete with photos by Sarah Acuff.

Thanks to Lawrence and everyone at the DTH and Dive for their coverage.

Vinyl Records Packs Local 506

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all photos by Sarah Smolen



When the staff opened doors at 8 pm, a line was already formed to get in.

When music started thirty minutes later, it was difficult to make it into or out of the performance room at Local 506, and the line outside stretched past storefronts to the end of the block. No one expected this  – Local 506 staff rushed to make more membership cards to accommodate the stream of people. Halfway through the night, Local 506 was full – owner Glen Boothe deemed it to be at capacity. Even with Boothe’s decree though, people stood outside and waited until someone else left so they could come in. A new chapter in the Vinyl Records story had started.



People were there because of the music. On a night when each artist released a record, the Vinyl Records groups pulled out all the stops: Lafcadio brought out a keyboard and midi foot pedals to recreate string sounds. Apollo had a full band on stage and guest vocalists as well. Lake Inferior brought out a string section for “Gaela” and a projection screen for their “multi-media experience.” Each artist played to a packed house of friends and fans while Vinyl Records staff members sold t shirts, stickers, posters, and most of all, new CDs from each artist.

Lake Inferior

Lake Inferior

Step one for Vinyl Records was signing its current artists.
Step two for Vinyl Records was what happened Friday night – a successful CD release.
Step three is coming soon – sign one more artist in February, and continue to push the releases from Apollo, Lafcadio, and Lake Inferior. If step three goes as well as the first two have, Vinyl Records will be in better shape than anyone could have imagined this time last year.

To get a look at the photos (186 in all) that Vinyl photo wizard Sarah Smolen posted from the CD release, go to the Vinyl Records Flickr page!

Also, check out the slideshows of Apollo and Lake Inferior from the Album Release Party, brought to you by our friends at Lake Inferior Slideshow and Apollo Slideshow

A Heartfelt Thanks for Friday Night

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A big recap of Friday night’s CD Release Party is on the way, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the following people:

  • Glen Boothe of Local 506
  • Mike Randall at the Indy for the wonderful article last week
  • David Menconi at the N&O for giving us our first big press
  • Mark Katz, our faculty advisor
  • Our artists, and all of the backing musicians who make them sound so good
  • Everyone who braved that massive line to see some great music on Friday
  • Everyone who has purchased a record already
  • Most of all, the entire staff at Vinyl Records. Vinyl has already done things no one thought would work. Without the dedicated and talented staff, it wouldn’t have happened. 

An apology is also necessary for those that came to see the show on Friday but weren’t able to get in due to the long line and Local 506 being filled to capacity. Luckily, you can still order the albums through Paypal right now, and there will be many more opportunities in the coming months to catch Apollo, Lafcadio, and Lake Inferior in action. 

Thanks for supporting Vinyl Records.

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sneak peek of tonight’s show

Posted in Apollo, Lafcadio, Lake Inferior, music, UNC by turkeysaygobble on January 30, 2009

We’ve put together a podcast with live recordings from Lafcadio, Apollo, and Lake Inferior for your listening pleasure, and to give everyone a sneak preview of what to expect at tonight’s Local 506 extravaganza. Check it out, and remember that its all cranked up to 11 tomorrow night, so be there! Remember, Lafcadio gets things started off at 8:30 sharp, so get there on time! The show is free for Local 506 members, $3 otherwise. Money well spent, if I say so myself.

check out the podcast here

Songs on the podcast include:
live, unplugged recoding of “No Man” by Lafcadio
live in-house jam of “American Dreamin” by Apollo and the Celestial Starship Band
live performance of “Spiders” by Lake Inferior

Podcast mixed by David Harper

News Brief – January 28th

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Some quick notes from Vinyl Press:

  • A wonderful article about the inner workings of Vinyl Records can be found in this week’s Independent, as well as online at this link. We’re extremely excited about getting such great publicity!
  • If you’re looking for something to do tomorrow afternoon, the Thursdays on the Terrace music series at the Johnston Center is now curated by Vinyl. Performances by kapow! music and Aminal Music will be going on from noon until 2pm.
  • Friday night! Apollo/Lafcadio/Lake Inferior! Local 506! Free! CD Release Showcase!