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New Lafcadio Shot Back Show Added

Posted in Lafcadio Shot Back, live music, music, UNC by Matt on July 12, 2009

We’ve added a new Lafcadio Shot Back show to the upcoming events page. The band will be playing the Whiskey Smugglers CD release show at Local 506 on August 22nd. Gambling the Muse will open the night.

Make sure to check the events calendar at the beginning of the semester for more performances from Vinyl Records artists, as well as official VRUNC functions.

Vinyl Artist Update: Lafcadio w/ free downloads!

Posted in Lafcadio, lion, love, music, UNC by turkeysaygobble on May 4, 2009

Lafcadio arrived on UNC’s campus with the voracity of a lion last September, quickly signed on as one of Vinyl Records’ inaugural artists. With boots made for walking all over anything that came in their way, Lafcadio immediately found themselves as part of the fierce vanguard of up-and-coming Chapel Hill musical talent–twang, vests, sultry vocals, and the kind of alt country that spans the entire gamut from KT Tunstall to Uncle Tupelo, with all the blues, soul, and balladeers you can think of in between.

Most recently, the band that shot back was spotted performing a primetime Thursday night slot at Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival to a wildly entertained audience consisting of members of the Holy Ghost Tent Revival and many a Cheerwine enthusiat.  Soon after, the band graced the stage of’s Studio B for a live webcast available here to check out if you haven’t done so already.  There’s no point in whispering once the Lion has growled.

After a May 9th show at The Cave, summertime will inevitably find Lafcadio going their separate ways only to reunite in August with new songs in preparation for their yet-to-be-titled sophomore Vinyl Records release.  Be on the look out for a sound with more southern-fried fixins than ever before, with maybe even a hint of Jameson and Bailey’s to match as guitarist and one of the band’s songwriters Ryan Dowdy makes his way into the potato-famined lands of Ireland to study folk music during Lafcadio’s summer hiatus.

Don’t forget to check out the final Lafcadio performance for the next couple of months this SATURDAY MAY 9th at THE CAVE, and feel free to snatch up a few free downloads the good folks over at Vinyl Records have been able to muster up for your aural pleasure.  Songs include the second single, “Seven Leagues” off of their debut EP, as well as two live tracks from January’s sold-out album release party at Local 506, titled “Nowhere to Fall” and a cover of “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair.”  Do download, and do share with friends.

Seven Leagues
Nowhere to Fall (live)
Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair

Watch Lafcadio “Sessions at Studio B” Performance

Posted in Lafcadio, music, UNC by Matt on April 28, 2009


Photo by Jake Seaton

Photo by Jake Seaton

Lafcadio’s performance on Sessions at Studio B is up now online. The 30-minute video features Lafcadio playing four songs, and an interview between songs with the series host, Jake Seaton. 

If you’re interested in some unreleased music from the band, make sure to watch. The group played “Seven Leagues” before knocking out three tunes that weren’t on The Lafcadio EP – new songs “Leave Early On” and “Wedding Cake,” and “Voices of Women,” one of the first tunes that Liz, Ryan, and Stevie put together as a group.

Lafcadio Performing Live on Web

Posted in Lafcadio, music, UNC, Vinyl by Matt on April 26, 2009


Photo by Carol Dukes

Photo by Carol Dukes

On Monday, April 27th at 4 p.m., Vinyl Records UNC’s own Lafcadio will be performing live at Music.MyNC’s Studio B. Those interested in seeing this (i.e. – everyone) can watch online at the Music.MyNC website.

Vinyl Updates for 3/19/2009

Posted in Apollo, Hip Hop, Lafcadio, Lake Inferior, list, music, UNC, Vinyl by Matt on March 19, 2009

Vinyl Records’ frontline artists are all making sweet, sweet music this weekend, and here’s what you need to know:

  • Tonight, Lake Inferior is headlining a show at Local 506 that also features I Was Totally Destroying It, as well as Pink Flag. Put on by Relay for Life, the night is their Cancer Sucks Benefit Show. This week’s Independent said our boys in LI, “cap the show with glowing indie pop that elicits thoughts of Brian Eno’s pop production. Stark but warm, dynamic but restrained, Lake Inferior is already a fully functional unit, but still radiates the promise of even better things to come.” HOT DANG!
  • On Saturday, 3/21, Apollo, Lafcadio, and Lake Inferior will ALL be playing at Duke Coffeehouse for the yearly throwdown we all know as the Duke/UNC Battle of the Bands. UNC’s the Nothing Noise took the title home last time this was held, and I’ve got my money on another UNC group wiping the floor with the Duke groups at this one. The show starts at six, and the acts are as follows
    UNC bands:
    – The Huguenots
    – Lake Inferior
    – The Nomad Kings
    – D.LIV(E)
    – Apollo
    – Lafcadio

    Duke bands:
    – Cool Ethan
    – Panda Force
    – Soulless Dogs
    – David Eisenband
    – Tauri Wind
    – Hopus

    Without knowing anything about any of the Duke groups, I’m going to go ahead and say Cool Ethan is a Jason Schwartzman cover band (with an amazing name). Panda Force is probably lo-fi synth rock. Soulless Dogs sounds like a Tom Waits album name, so I’m going with a cross between Waits and Nick Cave. David Eisenband…Dave Matthews meets German leider. Tauri Wind: jam band? Hopus should probably be death metal that draws heavily from Native American musical signifiers. 

Good to be back! Go Heels!

We Have a Winner and His Name is Colby Ramsay!

Posted in Colby Ramsay, february showcase, music, UNC by Matt on March 3, 2009

The votes have been tallied, and Vinyl Records is proud to welcome our newest recording artist:


With over 38 percent of the vote, Colby is the winner of Vinyl Record’s February Face-Off 2009. Many thanks to the 2092 UNC students that voted. More  than that, thank you to Eric DiMarzio, It Is Rain In My Face, Jacquelyn Lee, and the Hugeunots for making the Face-Off itself such a great time. Future musical success for those acts would not be surprising at all.

Look back here soon for more on Colby, as well as the usual coverage of Apollo, Lafcadio, and Lake Inferior. While most news has been about the Face-Off lately, our other acts haven’t exactly been sitting back.

Again, congratulations Colby! We’re all excited to make you a part of Vinyl Records.

Lafcadio at the Cave Tonight

Posted in Lafcadio, lion, mongoose, music, UNC, Vinyl, Zoology by Matt on February 28, 2009



Vinyl Zoology!

That band that named themselves after a lion (we love zoology at Vinyl Records) is oping up the late show at the Cave tonight. They should start at 10 o’ pm. You should be there to fawn over them.

Also, for good measure – mongoose.

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Lafcadio and Buffalo Coming Up this Week

Posted in Lafcadio, music, Vinyl by Matt on February 24, 2009

Taking a break from our coverage of the upcoming February Face-Off, we must remind everyone of a great night of music happening on Saturday. Our very own Lafcadio will be opening for The Whiskey Smugglers for the late show at the Cave, but not before a fantastic band from Asheville named Buffalo takes the stage for the early show.




If you like folk music, standup bass, loud banjo, and maybe some spoons or dobro if they feel inclined, this is the band for you.  After Buffalo are done with their set, have a drink or two and wait for this ball of gorgeous to take the stage:




 Buffalo plays at 7:30, Lafcadio at 9:30. All times approximate and subject to change.

New Event Added for Valentine’s Day

Posted in Lafcadio, music, UNC, Vinyl by Matt on February 7, 2009

If you’re still looking for a great way to spend the evening a week from today, Lafcadio will be performing at the SYFAS Community Dinner, held at the Hargraves Center in Chapel Hill.

The people involved in putting on the dinner never fail to impress with food that can usually be described as local, organic, healthy, and delicious.

For information, check out our events page, the SYFAS facebook group here, or go to the group website, .

Vinyl Records in the Daily Tar Heel

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Doubly Endorsed!

Doubly Endorsed!

If you’re in Chapel Hill today, make sure to pick up a copy of the Daily Tar Heel. Jordan Lawrence, the DTH’s Assistant Arts Editor, provides a review of the Vinyl Records CD Release show at Local 506 last week. Lawrence seemed to enjoy things – he says that he’d never seen a crowd have that much fun at Local 506, and the worst thing he writes is that Apollo sounded too much like Jay-Z. At this stage, we’ll take Jay-Z.

If you won’t be able to grab a paper, the review is online here.

The Daily Tar Heel blog also had a recent post about the CD release, complete with photos by Sarah Acuff.

Thanks to Lawrence and everyone at the DTH and Dive for their coverage.