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Posted in music by vinylstaff on December 7, 2010

Vinyl Records would like to present to you a new collaboration between It is rain in my Face’s Matt Jones and current Vinyl Records President as well as ArnHao member Andrew Hamlet. Stemming from a mutual respect, the two decided to work together this semester and quickly composed five pieces in less than three weeks. Watch the video below to listen to the group’s first single “Pat Pat.” It accompanies a textural slideshow by Matt Jones.



And for those of you not familiar with either It is rain in my Face or ArnHao, click the links below.

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Showcase Previews!-It is Rain in My Face

Posted in february showcase, music, UNC by Reed Turchi on February 23, 2009
It is Rain in My Face

It is Rain in My Face

“It is Rain in My Face” consists of one man, Matt Jones.  This “jungle/emotronic/visual” artist uses a wide range of instruments and effects to create a haunting and enrapturing sound. Inspired by The Legend Of Zelda, Star Wars, and Tim Allen, “It is Rain in My Face” is built of home-made loops and vocals, as is clearly audible in “underdoggy”. From the myspace (, “Quarter Out Malone” is my personal favorite–so what’s yours? Listen long enough, and you too may find some hint of The Ruby Suns or maybe even Band of Horses…but to really get a better taste of the rain in your face, there’s Friday nights showcase!

-Reed Turchi