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Vinyl Records Packs Local 506

Posted in Apollo, Hip Hop, Lafcadio, Lake Inferior, music, UNC, Vinyl by Matt on February 3, 2009

all photos by Sarah Smolen



When the staff opened doors at 8 pm, a line was already formed to get in.

When music started thirty minutes later, it was difficult to make it into or out of the performance room at Local 506, and the line outside stretched past storefronts to the end of the block. No one expected this  – Local 506 staff rushed to make more membership cards to accommodate the stream of people. Halfway through the night, Local 506 was full – owner Glen Boothe deemed it to be at capacity. Even with Boothe’s decree though, people stood outside and waited until someone else left so they could come in. A new chapter in the Vinyl Records story had started.



People were there because of the music. On a night when each artist released a record, the Vinyl Records groups pulled out all the stops: Lafcadio brought out a keyboard and midi foot pedals to recreate string sounds. Apollo had a full band on stage and guest vocalists as well. Lake Inferior brought out a string section for “Gaela” and a projection screen for their “multi-media experience.” Each artist played to a packed house of friends and fans while Vinyl Records staff members sold t shirts, stickers, posters, and most of all, new CDs from each artist.

Lake Inferior

Lake Inferior

Step one for Vinyl Records was signing its current artists.
Step two for Vinyl Records was what happened Friday night – a successful CD release.
Step three is coming soon – sign one more artist in February, and continue to push the releases from Apollo, Lafcadio, and Lake Inferior. If step three goes as well as the first two have, Vinyl Records will be in better shape than anyone could have imagined this time last year.

To get a look at the photos (186 in all) that Vinyl photo wizard Sarah Smolen posted from the CD release, go to the Vinyl Records Flickr page!

Also, check out the slideshows of Apollo and Lake Inferior from the Album Release Party, brought to you by our friends at Lake Inferior Slideshow and Apollo Slideshow


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So the deadline has come and gone, judgment day is upon us, and we find ourselves with an unexpected bonus. Vinyl Records UNC will sign 3 artists from the 6 that performed on Friday night. We are thrilled to be able to take on such an ambitious project and work with three unbelievably talented artists. And they are…


Apollo is a student of hip-hop. He understands that there is more to the genre than production and synthed-out beats that play well in a club. His songs prove his ability to craft an inspired and powerful message which catches listeners and peers alike off guard. But it is his on stage talent for capturing an audience with his fervor and the audacity of his delivery that truly set him apart. Apollo is one of us, he is a college student and realizes the power of our common experiences here in Chapel Hill, but he also incorporates deeper ideas and many eclectic genre influences into his rhymes, which is why he is such a dynamic artist.


Lafcadio the Great! The band that shot back, or rather the band that stormed onto the scene. Ryan, Liz, and Stevie are a blues-rock trio that formed roughly a month ago and have already wowed many in the UNC community. Their gritty guitar and soaring vocals, complemented so perfectly by subtle and soulful percussion, combine in a delicious jambalaya to create refreshing and powerful songs. Their repertoire is exploding exponentially and their positive energy on stage is palpable. Clearly there is no limit to their artistic direction and the scope of their sound puts them in position to take campus by storm. The sky’s the limit.

Lake Inferior:

Lake Inferior rocks pretty hard. Friday night at the Showdown was the first time I’d ever been fortunate enough to see them play and I was pleasantly surprised. The quintet creatively blends a wide variety of instruments from keyboards to guitars and the rock spectrum between, creating their own distinctive sound. More importantly, they blend those instruments not only in the studio, but in concert. Nasir, Bo, Dax, Logan, and Derek experiment with tempos and melodies that are matched in complexity and emotion only by their poetic lyrics.

Here’s their websites:

Congratulations and welcome to the Vinyl Records Family, guys! We’re so proud to have you all on board!

Welcome to the Big Show

Posted in music by vinylrecordsunc on August 19, 2008

Welcome to the wonderful online world of Vinyl Records UNC, the University’s very own student-run record label. Vinyl Records is a music incubator. We will be working to cultivate the music scene on campus and provide the necessary framework for the incredible artists here at UNC to grow to their full potential.

In essence, Vinyl Records is all about you, Reader, you are the talent, the dedication, the creativity, and the support behind this new student music movement. This blog will serve you, the student body, by constantly updating you on all things Vinyl on and around campus, including artist profiles, album and show reviews, upcoming events to watch for, and even student created artwork. We want it all.

Enough introduction, time for a statement: I love Music. I love everythng about it; the process behind it, the artists who create it, the live shows where I experience it. Trying to understand the phenomenon that is music is a life pursuit, and I love being confounded by music as much as my attempts to grasp it fully. Music, like Vinyl Records, is about being there, in every sense of the phrase. Vinyl Records is dependent on the extraordinary students here at UNC to come to shows, to create a buzz around up and coming artists, and to play the music we all want and need to hear. You are every aspect, every facet of the jewel that Vinyl Records is to the UNC community. Head over to the Upcoming Events page to read about all the Vinyl Records extravaganzas going on in the area, and stay tuned for everything from Podcasts featuring artist spotlights to Photography and Fiction competitions. Everything you want to know about Vinyl Records will be here, and probably a little more, Let ‘er Rip!

Oh, and I should probably mention here that we go big on the weekends, so enjoy:

There’s more where that came from