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Lake Inferior Tour Poster

Posted in Lake Inferior, music, UNC, Vinyl by Matt on May 15, 2009


It's so pretty

It's so pretty

Vinyl Artist Update: Lake Inferior Bring the Free Download

Posted in Lake Inferior, music, Vinyl by Matt on May 6, 2009


Lake Inferior

Lake Inferior

Now that the end of the academic year is upon us, it would serve everyone well to take a look at what Vinyl Records recording artists Lake Inferior are up to. In the past few months, they’ve gone from self-recording tracks in their house to releasing the Lake Inferior EP with VR and being profiled on the national music website Aquarium Drunkard. Even though no one seems to be able to describe what Lake Inferior sounds like (there are, like, synths and pop and indie stuff, but not indie synth-pop), the band has still been a hit both in the local scene and the national scene. There are Youtube videos of teenage girls from California singing “Spiders” into the camera. The 30-year-old guy with mutton chops who always wears the Polvo t-shirt and works at the record store down the street raves about “Landlocked Surf Rock.” Lake Inferior’s audience is as all-encompassing as their style.

This summer, the band looks to test out that appeal on their East Coast tour, starting in Georgia and going up to New York. After that, it’s back to North Carolina to work on songs and eventually make the next Lake Inferior record, to be released next year. Talk around the office is that the band might even have a limited edition 7″ in the pipeline. The next year for Lake Inferior should be a fruitful one.

However, before any of that happens, LI will be playing at Local 506 on Thursday, May 7th. The night will be the EP release show for Aminal, with Schooner also performing. All three acts are well worth any trouble or money it takes to see them, so be there and be early, because we all know what happened the last time a Vinyl artist was playing an EP release at 506. Line stretching a block away, and people not getting to see Lake Inferior, that’s what. 

Check out below, where we’ve got three free mp3’s from Lake Inferior: “Spiders” and “How the Wars are Won” from the Lake Inferior EP, and a live recording of “(I Have) Night Terrors.” Enjoy!

Lake Inferior – Spiders
Lake Inferior – How the Wars are Won
Lake Inferior – (I Have) Night Terrors (Live)