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Canoes, Djembes, Zelda, and Savannah Georgia???

Posted in music by vinylstaff on July 28, 2010

What do all of these seemingly disparate things have in common?  Well, for one at least, they are all featured (either explicitly or implicitly ha) in Group Mentality’s new video for “Dancing Sunrise.”  Check out the video here.

If you enjoy this track, be sure to pick up the Vinyl Records 2010 Mixtape at this year’s Fall Fest on August 22.  Stay tuned for a complete track listing for the mixtape; it is sixteen songs full of Vinyl-goodness!

Remember the First Vinyl Presents?

Posted in music by vinylstaff on July 24, 2010

Way back in May 2009 Vinyl released Aminal’s A Will to Fight EP as its first addition to the Vinyl Presents series; you can check out a great review of the EP from the Independent Weekly here –  Emotions Rule Me, the opening track on the EP, is a catchy Southern indie rocker that we particularly enjoy over here at Vinyl.  If you enjoy what you hear, be sure to check out Aminal on July 31st at the Cave in Chapel Hill with Wages.

Also, watch out for more news in the coming weeks about this fall’s Vinyl Presents series; it’s going to be a good one.

Spring Showdown: Artist Bios

Posted in music, UNC by baileyholman on March 23, 2010

Get to know the five finalists performing in Saturday’s showcase in their artist bios, written by the Vinyl Records Apples Course.

And take a listen:

Carolina Blues                                                                                                                                                                                                             A mix of soul-licked blues and classic blues-rock makes Carolina Blues, Chapel Hill’s own quartet, a contemporary classic blues-rock group that will get anyone dancing on their feet. 

With dynamic beats and the recent release of their debut album Highway 61, the Carolina Blues deliver a fresh new sound to the UNC music scene. Written in the home of the blues, Highway 61 in the Mississippi delta, the group takes a creative outlook on exploring the blues and bringing it to a wider audience.  The Carolina Blues will be featured in Vinyl Records Showdown, the yearly campus-wide concert that five bands compete in for a record deal on March 27,2010 at the Student Union Cabaret at 9:00 pm. The winner is decided by the students so support your fellow Tar Heels!

The Carolina Blues consists of four Phi Delta Theta brothers; Hudson Vincent on guitar, Ryan Watts on drums, Lucian Crokett on bass, and Kenneth Barshop as front man on guitar and vocals. Being influenced by the best such as the John Mayer Trio, Jimmy Hendrix, and B.B. King, the band culminates a wide array of music together to make their own. 

Yielded with American Fender Stratocasters, the dedicated dual guitarists play heart wrenching chords and self gratuitous guitar solos that take the live experience to the next level. Enthusiasm is contagious and that’s why a unique live show from the Carolina Blues will get the entire audience involved. You can catch these guys at charity and Greek events such as the Phi Mu Cookout on 3/25 and Slugfest on 4/25.

Sikz Pointz                                                                                                                                                                                                           Growing up in a musical family in the Bronx, Sikz Points, also known as Eric Berman, was always surrounded by music. He has been honing his craft as a hip-hop musician since the 7th grade. He began that journey in order to “get out his emotions”, but he has since progressed into a serious, committed musician. He is influenced by everything from the soul music of Sam Cooke and Motown to the socially-conscious hip-hop of Nas. The dedication with which he has pursued his work has led him to work with producers affiliated with Sony Records.

Sikz Pointz seeks a pure hip-hop sound. He strives for the listenability of his work, while staying true to the art form and way of life that is hip-hop. A Sophomore Business major with an emphasis in Entrepreneurial Studies at UNC, he hopes to set up his own record label after graduation.

Sam Khoujinian                                                                                                                                                                                                Genre: Indie/folk/jazz
Graduation Year: 2013
Influences: M. Ward, Andrew Bird
Hometown: Miami, FL
Music industry experience: As a prior member of Miami based indie group, Group Mentality, Sam has an album on itunes, Strawberry, prouduced by University of Miami’s Gary Lindsey.

A long hike through the bright folds of Sam Khoujinian’s brain is what you get when you listen to his music. This Miami local has been fine-tuning his musical talent since the young age of eight years old.  Ten years of piano and a year and a half of guitar practice later, Khoujinian has been able to produce a C.D. in Miami and is now ready to start fresh at Chapel Hill. With an acoustic guitar and colorful metaphors, this aspiring folk-jazz-indie artist is well-equipped to both stimulate your mind and tantalize your feet.  He is set to hit the stage, along with four other artists, on March 27th during Vinyl Record’s Spring Showdown. The winner of this event will be signed to the label. So come and support the young local UNC talent!!

Animal Alphabet                                                                                                                                                                                                    The name Animal Alphabet may sound like a children’s storybook, but it is far from it. Animal Alphabet is composed of Simon McGorman, Emma Dunlap-Grube, Catherine Steele, and Marc Allen, is a new band whose music can be classified as cathartic dirge alternative, an interesting and eclectic twist from your average band. The band is one of five finalists to compete for a record label with Vinyl Records. Simon and Emma teamed up two years ago, and within the last year Catherine and Marc added to the dynamic of the group to create a talented orchestral quartet. Simon, the guitar/ keyboardist/primary singer/ songwriter for the band, has a voice comparable to Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. Marc plays percussion and accentuates the music with rhythm and beat. Emma and Catherine contribute to the music by adding the orchestral stringed aspect to the unique sound of Animal Alphabet.

When writing songs, one little phrase can inspire songwriter Simon to craft an entire song in one sitting, while the other members of the band often help with the refining process of the song. One of the band’s most defining moments was when they all came together while “jamming”, and started experimenting with a variety of harmonies and lyrics to eventually write an original song. 

Animal Alphabet has been influenced by a variety of music, from Radiohead to the Beach Boys to twentieth century classical music. Animal Alphabet’s sound is unique, defined by the intricate vocal harmonies, electronica influences, and liberal song arrangements. The lyrics of Animal Alphabet invite a listener to interpret the song as they wish and creates a mood for self-reflection.

Robert Sapp                                                                                                                                                                                                          Robert Sapp is a UNC French Literature graduate student from North Alabama. Having frequently attended Bluegrass conventions as well as Folk Tune performances, Robert has always been an avid fan of folk music. He began playing the acoustic guitar at the age of 16 and since then has written several songs self accompanied by the guitar.

While finishing his undergraduate studies in Alabama, Robert recorded many of his songs with a professional music producer. In addition, he also performed regularly at bars and coffee shops in Birmingham and discovered a passion of sharing his art with the local people.  “There is nothing that beats a warm audience with whom you can share your songs”, the humble artist remarks.

After arriving in Chapel Hill for graduate studies, Sapp focused his main concentration on French Literature and temporarily “put [his] musical pursuits on the backburner”. However, Robert has occasionally performed at Jack Sprat’s Open Mic, and would love more opportunities to evolve as a musician.

Sapp’s future plans include continuing to teach French Literature in addition to devoting portions of his time to music. Although Sapp enjoys his concentration of graduate studies, he admits his greater dream of performing as a musician. “I wouldn’t do it for the money or attention”, the artist explains, “but just to use the little I have to make someone else’s day better.”

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Spring Showdown March 27th

Posted in live music, music, UNC by baileyholman on March 16, 2010

There ain’t enough room on Vinyl Records for the 5 of them so let the showdown begin. Finalists Carolina Blues, Sikz Pointz, Sam Khoujinian, Animal Alphabet and Robert Sapp will compete for a spot as Vinyl Record’s new artist at the Union Cabaret Saturday, March 27th at 8 pm. Their fate is in your hands  – whoever gets the most votes will be signed to the label. So come enjoy some free music and tell us who you think deserves it. Yeehaw

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5 Finalists Chosen for Spring Showdown

Posted in music by baileyholman on March 16, 2010

Congratulations to the 5 finalists chosen for the Vinyl Records Spring Showdown!

The Finalists are :

      Jam band Carolina Blues

      Hip- Hop artist Sikz Pointz

      Singer-Songwriter Sam Khoujinian

      Chamber indie quartet Animal Alphabet

      Singer-Songwriter Robert Sapp

Come check ’em out at the Spring Showdown and vote for your favorite. Winner gets signed to Vinyl Records!

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Now Hiring: Vinyl Records Wants You!

Posted in love, UNC by turkeysaygobble on December 11, 2009

Interested in working for Vinyl Records?

Vinyl Records will be hiring for new staff members starting in January.

Keep on the lookout for an application with further details available here beginning January 1, 2010.  Positions we are looking for include (but are not necessarily limited to):

Audio production
Web designer
Vinyl Records Presents Coordinator
Promotions Coordinator
Graphic Designer/Visual Artist
Social Networks and Online Marketing Coordinator

for more information, contact

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Lake Inferior Album Release at Local 506 recap

Posted in Lake Inferior, live music, love, music, UNC, Vinyl by turkeysaygobble on November 16, 2009

Thanks so much to everyone who made the trek to Local 506 Thursday! Among the night’s three INCREDIBLE bands, the extraterrestrial Acroentertainment crew, the silly string, the balloons, and your soon-to-be cherished copy of Lake Inferior’s newest record “Pegasaur,” we hope you all had as fantastic an evening as we did!

Check out some great photos from the show, featuring all the bands here

Also, peep a Lake Inferior / Vinyl Records interview via Diversions’ video podcast here

For those of you who couldn’t make it out, PEGASAUR is now available for purchase at your favorite triangle area record stores!

Chape Hill – CD ALLEY


Limited copies of the record are still available, so get yours while you can!

If you haven’t done so, grab a FREE DOWNLOAD of the first single “Gepeddo” here:

Again, LAKE INFERIOR and VINYL RECORDS UNC would like to thank all of you for making last night such an incredible evening. Without you all, we’d be lost in space!

The Eurythmics cover is coming soon!

New from Grizzly Bear

Posted in love, music by vinylrecordsunc on June 16, 2009

Last Thursday Grizzly Bear played to a sold out Cat’s Cradle with opening band Here We Go Magic. I was there along with fellow Vinyl Press writer Matt Poindexter and I have to say I was expecting a lot out of the show. After all Grizzly Bear blew me away with their Yellow House, their 2nd full length released in 2006 on Warp Records, and after only a week or so of listening to their new album Veckatimest the jury was still out.

But there’s no doubt that these are consummate musicians and the set they played, a glorious retrospective of their earlier efforts interspersed with about half the cuts off the new records was more than enough to validate the hype surrounding this Brooklyn based quartet. Particularly stunning was how they were able to create such deeply textured renditions of their already expansive songs in a live setting. My personal favorites from Yellow House were “Colorado”  and “Little Brother’, the latter complete with an elongated take on the haunting refrain “Pride of my countrymen/ My little brother will be born again.” The set opened with the first cut on the new album, “Southern Point” and included another memorable number in “While You Wait For The Others.”

I encourage anyone who hasn’t heard this group yet, or for that matter any skeptics of the new record to check out a couple of videos that I think give a little taste of the wonder and beauty of their music, their sound is honestly unlike alomst anything else out there right now. If pressed to find a reference point, I would have to draw a comparison between their songs and a great landscape paiting by the likes of Gustave Klimt (see “Church in Cassone“, 1913) because of the magnetic quality of both, they draw you in deeper and deeper with each listen or glance.

The first video is the first from the new album, the second track called “Two Weeks” and is directed by Patrick Daughters, and honestly I don’t know what to make of it, but here’s to a revival of some good old Doo-wop:

The second is from a french website called La Blogotheque, that features a section called “Concerts a Emporter” (“shows to go”), wherein various groups, usually from the indie/alternative/blues scene play in back alleys and strange settings around Paris live in one continuous shot, filmed almost always by Vincent Moon. The site is well worth checking out, I’ve spent hours mesmerized by the intimate performances before, but one of my favorites is Grizzly Bear’s a Capella version of “Knife,” which is amazing even without instruments:

enjoy the rain,

Adam Sherwood

Bonnaroo Update: TurchiTweets 2.25, 2.5, and 2.75

Posted in Bonnaroo, music by turkeysaygobble on June 12, 2009

More of Thursday’s Bonnaroo Updates from Vinyl Records field reporter (Mixtur)Reed Turchi

TurchiTweet2.25 (1:08pm): “It’s confirmed! Jimmy Buffet will be here Saturday afternoon”

TurchiTweet2.5 (1:15pm): “Standing in line for press credentials and Paige finds grilled cheese, sweet tea, and fries with honey mustard at local diner. Morale boosted.”

TurchiTweet2.75 (10:09pm): “Hockey does a great show until the vocalist gets too into it and unplugs the mic during ‘too fake’ ”


Relevant Grateful Dead quote of the day:
I ain’ ready yet, it ain’t complete, that’s why I am headin’ down to Alleycat Street.

Vinyl Artist Update: Lake Inferior Bring the Free Download

Posted in Lake Inferior, music, Vinyl by Matt on May 6, 2009


Lake Inferior

Lake Inferior

Now that the end of the academic year is upon us, it would serve everyone well to take a look at what Vinyl Records recording artists Lake Inferior are up to. In the past few months, they’ve gone from self-recording tracks in their house to releasing the Lake Inferior EP with VR and being profiled on the national music website Aquarium Drunkard. Even though no one seems to be able to describe what Lake Inferior sounds like (there are, like, synths and pop and indie stuff, but not indie synth-pop), the band has still been a hit both in the local scene and the national scene. There are Youtube videos of teenage girls from California singing “Spiders” into the camera. The 30-year-old guy with mutton chops who always wears the Polvo t-shirt and works at the record store down the street raves about “Landlocked Surf Rock.” Lake Inferior’s audience is as all-encompassing as their style.

This summer, the band looks to test out that appeal on their East Coast tour, starting in Georgia and going up to New York. After that, it’s back to North Carolina to work on songs and eventually make the next Lake Inferior record, to be released next year. Talk around the office is that the band might even have a limited edition 7″ in the pipeline. The next year for Lake Inferior should be a fruitful one.

However, before any of that happens, LI will be playing at Local 506 on Thursday, May 7th. The night will be the EP release show for Aminal, with Schooner also performing. All three acts are well worth any trouble or money it takes to see them, so be there and be early, because we all know what happened the last time a Vinyl artist was playing an EP release at 506. Line stretching a block away, and people not getting to see Lake Inferior, that’s what. 

Check out below, where we’ve got three free mp3’s from Lake Inferior: “Spiders” and “How the Wars are Won” from the Lake Inferior EP, and a live recording of “(I Have) Night Terrors.” Enjoy!

Lake Inferior – Spiders
Lake Inferior – How the Wars are Won
Lake Inferior – (I Have) Night Terrors (Live)